Nandini Reddy faces Legal problems

The production house of Yash Raj Films are planning to take the legal action on the  ‘Jabardasth’ movie director Nandini Reddy because the movie is being a free make of their 2010 Bollywood movie ‘Band Baaja Baaraath’ which is incidentally planned to re-make in Telugu with actor Nani. According to sources YRF is now rethinking their decision to do the Telugu re-make due to these developments however Nani rubbishes the rumours and said the movie is going on and it would be bilingual and would be released in Telugu and Tamil. However Nani confirmed that though he has not seen the movie but he came to know that it is similar to BBB movie. But Nandini denies the allegations that she copied the Hindi movie and while shooting for ‘Jabardasth’ she did not got the feeling that the movie is similar to that off BBB. The movie is very similar to BBB especially the wedding planning backdrop with Siddharth and Samantha play event managers in the movie but not wedding planners. However Nandini defending her says, she wanted backdrop to be event management as it adds colour and vibrancy to the movie similarly several Hollywood movies have made such films. She further said she got inspired by more than 25 movies which were in the movie however if any legal action is taken she is ready to face it.