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Natural Star Nani has recently turned a full-time producer for an interesting upcoming film title Awe. The movie is releasing tomorrow across the globe and is making too much positive buzz from the Special Celebrity Premiere screened the other day. Here are the excerpts of Nani’s Special Interview on the occasion of the movie release.

Are You Nervous about Awe?

I am extremely tensed as I am for my first film as actor. Things have changed a lot and now I am daring to bring a different film like Awe which will be a fresh breeze of air in Tollywood. Awe is a concept based film and it will be only liked by those who are extremely open-minded.

Tell us about how the movie is going to be?

It is a very unique film that is coming out from Tollywood. We took care to make sure that everything quite new and handled differently. The audience will be shocked definitely after watching the film. Our industry needs cinema like this and I am hoping that it will bring in a positive change in the industry.

Do you think the movie will work out commercially?

To be honest, I did not make such calculations. I know it is a different film and did not want to risk other’s money. So, I am releasing the film on my own. I feel success cannot be achieved without taking any risk. I earned well here and I am I feel that one needs to risk big time if they have to make something new. I have risked it here itself by backing a good film. Fingers Crossed.

About Your Confidence in Director Prashanth?

His narration style impressed me instant. I am surprised to see a young man coming up with such a mature story, He is simply genius and so out of the box. I supported him throughout and he also lived up to all expectations, I can say.

Any plans to release the film in other languages?

Satyam Cinemas from Chennai wanted to buy the remake rights of the film. But many suggested us to dub the film as almost many faces in the movie are familar to all the industries of the South. So, we will dub the film into Tamil and Malayalam very soon.

Future Production Plans?

Yes! The doors of my production house will be open always to all those directors who come up with really interesting subjects. I am looking forward for such films and will support them completely.


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