Nani Fails To Match NTR in Bigg Boss-2?

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Natural Star Nani has completed two weekends show in the Second Season of Bigg Boss. But then, he failed to live up to the ‘Eesari inkonchem masala’ catchphrase of the reality show’s Second Season. While people say he definitely improved when compared to the maiden weekend, he is still a long way to go to compare with Young Tiger NTR who rocked the first season. The audience feels that his spontaneity is not easy, and his timing needs to be more comfortable.

So, he is drawing mixed reactions from the audience at this moment. The Natural Star should improve a lot so that we do not have to write him off. NTR did not agree to host the second season due to his other commitments and the audience are already missing him. The first ratings of the show will arrive this Thursday and so it will be a litmus test for the actor on that day. On the other side, the commoner, Sanjana Anne was eliminated from the show and heroine Nandini Rai entered the show. Sanjana, the firebrand model was very against the divide between common and celebrities in the house. This did not go well with the housemates.

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