Nani Initiates Legal Action on Sri Reddy

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Controversial Actress Sri Reddy has been targeting Natural Star Nani for a long time and is making casting couch allegations on the actor. The Natural Star who is silent until now has taken to Twitter and finally revealed that he has dispatched legal notices and will file a defamation case on the actress. He alleged that Sri Reddy has been randomly picking names who are soft targets and are spreading baseless nonsense. He also had come back strongly on some media which has been publishing the news. He asked those media to have some shame in saying that they all have families. Nani did not take Sri Reddy’s name in his long news in Twitter.

Nani is currently shooting for his Multistarer film with King Nagarjuna. He also made his Television debut the other day with the Second Season of Bigg Boss. Nani looked at his natural ease in the show and also added humour in his style in the first episode in which he introduced the sixteen contestants of the show. While the First Season lasted for 70 days, the Second Season will go on for 100 days. It has to be seen if Nani can get into the shoes of NTR.

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