Curse of unfortunate injuries in Tollywood

unfortunate incidents of injuries in Tollywood

Tollywood is going through an unfortunate series of events in the last few weeks. Many young dynamic heroes are getting severely injured while shooting. Natural star Nani got injured while doing an action scene on the sets of Vikram Kumar directed Gang Leader. He returned to shoot only after a month of bed rest.

Just yesterday, we reported Naga Shaurya getting heavily injured with multiple fractures while jumping a wall during the shoot of an action scene for his upcoming film Ashwatthama. He was doing the stunt without ropes and dupes. But something went wrong and he slipped between the gap of the wall and got his leg fractured along with other injuries.

And today, we got to know about Sundeep Kishan sustaining injuries on his hands and chest while performing a stunt scene for his new film Tenali Ramakrishna. Reportedly, it was due to a miscalculation of the fight master, Sundeep got injured.

Even before these accidents, NTR and Ram Charan also got injured while shooting for the Rajamouli magnum opus RRR.

We request the filmmakers, production managers and stunt masters to take utmost care of the actors while they are performing stunts. In these days of heavy technology and VFX, there is no need for the actors to go full on daring to do such outlandish stunts. We just hope this unfortunate trend ends here and we don’t have to hear about any other actor getting injured while shooting.