Nani Suggested Ravi Teja’s Name

Vakkantam Vamsi, who is well known as a writer, made his debut as a director with Naa Peru Surya. As the film has failed to impress movie lovers, it failed near the box office due to that all the star heroes kept him at bay. Now, as per the latest update, Vakkantam Vamsi has narrated an interesting script to Nani. Although Nani was impressed with the script, He suggested the name of Ravi Teja as the script suits to Ravi Teja than him.

The director has finished the first narration with Ravi Teja, and the comprehensive script is being worked upon. The story may be a revenge drama, and Anil Sankara may Bankroll this project. Stay tuned for this space for more interesting and latest updates.