Nani’s ‘Gang Leader’ Premiere Show Live Updates & Review

Nani's ‘Gang Leader’ Premiere Show Live Updates & Review

Natural Star Nani’s Gang Leader is all set for a grand release on September 13th. Manam fame Vikram K Kumar directs the movie. Priyanka Arulmohan is making her Telugu debut as a heroine with this movie, and Mythri Movie Makers produce it. Anirudh Ravichander will be composing music for the project. Karthikeya of RX100 Fame is playing a negative role. The trailer and songs have created a decent buzz among the audience. Let us see how well the movie impresses the audience. Stay tuned for this space for LIVE Review of Gang Leader.

Live Review Starts in few minutes.

Nani’s Gang Leader Live Review Rating: 2.5/5

Final Talk: After the disappointing ok-ok first half, the second half further dips down with absolute boring and predictable scenes. There is no logic or magic in the screenplay. The small twists here and there don’t make any impact. The last 20 minutes of the film can be called the worst part of the movie. The audience don’t have any clue what’s going on. Vikram Kumar completely fails with his screenplay. The music and BGM by Anirudh is pretty good.

Nani tried to carry the film on his shoulders but with no support from story or direction, he couldn’t make any mark. Heroine Priyanka Mohan isn’t heroine material. Karthikeya does a good job in a negative role. The production values by Mythri Movie Makers are decent and kept the budget under control. Unfortunately, Mythri Movie Makers’ bad luck continues. Overall Nani’s Gang Leader isn’t what we expect from a sensible director like Vikram Kumar. It is tragic that a powerful title like Gang Leader was wasted on a silly film that is going to sink faster than Titanic at the Box office. 

Punch Line: This Leader Leads Only To Boredom

5:55 AM: The film ends with Nani killing Karthikeya in a badly executed climax. The End.

5:40 AM: A small unexpected twist regarding Lakshmi’s story 

The second half also not picking up the right pace and things looking bleak for Nani’s Gang Leader.

5:30 AM: Karthikeya finally finds Nani and Gang is everything.

5:10 AM: It is revealed that all the 5 robbers who died were suffering from Cancer and to help their relatives before death they decide to rob the bank with the help of Karthikeya but Karthikeya backstabs them.

5:00 AM: Nani and his ladies Gang stumble upon the Robbery money and they take it away. Karthikeya comes to know about it and is now chasing them to get his money back.

4:45 AM: The second half begins with the peppy ‘Hoyna Hoyna’ song as Nani gets closer to each member of the gang by solving their problems.

The first half of the film is very ordinary with some comedy clicking in bits and spurs. The way Nani and the Gang traces Karthikeya out is also narrated in a very predictable way with no novelty or creativity. Vikram Kumar mark is missing as of now. The songs are situational but not effective. Overall the first half doesn’t give good vibes. Unless the second Half is extraordinary with thrilling screenplay, Nani’s Gang Leader will have to face a tough time at the box office. 

4:35 AM: Nani and the gang gains enough evidence that Karthikeya is the main culprit and it is time to go for the full-fledged revenge. INTERVAL.

4:30 AM: Karthikeya enters as Dev who is a racer, He is ruthless and doesn’t think twice to kill even his father for money.

The film is going on in a predictable and not-so-exciting way with dull narration.

4:20 AM: Vennela Kishore plays a gay character and his scenes are cheap and tasteless.

4:10 AM: Nani investigating their case and also slowly falling in love with one of the Gang members played by Priyanka Mohan, who was the fiancee of one of the dead gang members. Time for ‘Ninnu Chusina Anandam lo’ song.

4:00 AM: The ladies’ gang moves into Nani’s house and it’s time for ‘Ra Ra’ song.

3:55 AM: Nani’s friend played by Priyadarshi advises him to help the ladies gang to take revenge and he can convert their story into a novel and become famous. Nani gets back to the ladies and becomes their Gang Leader.

3:35 AM: Senior Actress Lakshmi makes an entry and she forms a gang of 5 ladies who are related to the 5 bank robbers who died. They are planning revenge on the 6th guy and approach Pencil Parthasarathy played by Nani who is a revenge specialist novel writer. Nani basically copies Hollywood movies and turns them into Telugu Novels.

3:25 AM: The 6th guy escapes and the story shifts to “After 14 months”. The titles start rolling.

3:20 AM: There’s 6th gang member who jumps with the robbery money after the 5 of them get killed. A chase going on between him and the Police.

3:15 AM: The movie starts with 5 people robbing a bank. Looks like a High-end Bank Robbery.

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