Nara Rohit Interview

Nara Rohit is one hero who despite having no commercial success, is known for the selection of a variety subjects which are often unique. However, recently the actor has put up a lot of weight and is looking too chubby for a hero. The audience even started staying away from his films for the same reason. Rohit corrects this with his upcoming film, Balakrishnudu which releases this Friday. Here is the chitchat of with the actor:

Q: How is Balakrishnudu Going to be?

This is a Pakka Commercial Entertainer. It is not a novel story but is entertainingly narrated.

Q: You are known for different subjects. Why this sudden plunge to commercial films?

No Special Reason. I am looking for a commercial film for a long time and finally, came across a perfect script like Balakrishnudu.

Q: Is it Not a Risk with a newcomer like Pavan Mallela?

I worked with several new directors and I never felt uncomfortable. I was impressed with the story in a single sitting and accepted instantly.

Q: How is your character in the film?

I play the role of Balu who does everything and anything for money. There are no negative shades, however. This is a different character for all the character of mine until now.

Q: How did this Story Reach you?

Actor Ajay sent it to me. I told him that I was looking for a commercial film and he suggested me for this story. He plays the main villain in the movie.

Q: Why is the film titled Balakrishnudu?

There is no specific reason. Since it is a commercial film, we named it so. Director Pavan Mallela suggested it. Everyone liked it and we confirmed it.

Q: You seemed to have lost weight for the film?

Not particularly for this film. I was planning it and the director pushed a bit. I decreased 21 Kgs since Jyo Atchyuthananda.

Q: You will be seen with Six Pack in this film?

No. I did not work on a Six Pack. Whatever you can see in the film posters, will remain in the film as well.

Q: Last year you did five films. You seem to have slowed down this year?

I lost my focus due to too many films last year. I could not even my films in theaters due to back to back shootings. So, I have decided to slow down.

Q: Regina’s Character in the film?

She will be seen in a Tom-boyish role in the film. She is playing a full-length role in the movie.

Q: Your Next Commitments?

I am doing Aatagallu with Jagapathi Babu in the direction of Paruchuri Murali. It is a Thriller. I am also committed to do a film with Chaitanya Danthuluri. There are few love stories as well.