Naresh Suspects Shivaji Raja’s Panel Members!

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Movie Artists Association (MAA) is undergoing its presidential election today. The polling is held in the film chamber at Hyderabad. Many biggies like Mega Star Chiranjeevi, king Nagarjuna have visited the chamber and participated in the elections. Senior actor Krishna came to the chamber along with his wife Vijaya Nirmala to make use of his voting rights. But due power cut in the building the lift has stopped working and the old couple has waited for several minutes for the power to come.

Senior actor Naresh who is contesting for the presidential chair, have claimed that it was some cheap tricks played by the Shivaji Raja’s team members. He also mentioned that there was a generator in the office and the opposition team members have refused to use that.

The election process has continued till 2 pm today. The counting process will start at 5 pm and the results will be announced by 8 pm today. Let us wait and see who will win the presidential chair this time.

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