Natakam Movie Review

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Movie: Natakam

Rating: 2.25/5.0

Writing and Direction: Kalyanji Gogana

Behind the Screens:

After the success of RX 100, One more film – Natakam has come before the audience with the Bold Theme. The Promotional material of the film carried promise and raised curiosity in the trade if it will become another surprise hit like RX 100. Let us see how the audience receives the movie releasing Today.


Natakam is set in the backdrop of a village in Krishna district. The village, Chitalapudi was attacked by a gang of dreaded brigands who resorts to mindless killings. Simultaneously there is another love story blooming between Koti (Ashish Gandhi) and Parvati (Ashima Agarwal). While they gear up for marriage, Parvati’s past comes back haunting them bringing a twist in the story. What is the connection between both the tracks? How the story ends at the end? forms the rest
Star Shine:

Ashish Gandhi, the hero of the film did very well as a happy go lad in the village. His screen presence is good and performed well even in the emotional sequences. Ashima is a perfect fit for the role of the Village Belle and offered a treat for the masses with her glamour. They shared a good chemistry on screen. Most of the film revolves around them. The other characters in the film are not so known but they serve the purpose they are intended to.


Director Kalyanji showed a lot of promise with the Promotional Content of the film but all that ends with a decent first half. Its all downhill in the second half and the director banked too much on lust and glamour than anything else. Anji’s camera work is excellent as the countryside visuals are captured well. Sai Karthik delivered a decent album and the background score is very good. Manikanth’s Editing is a big disappointment as a good portion of the film particularly in the second half can be trimmed. Production Values by Rizwan Entertainment are appropriate.


The first half of the film is decent with a realistic village set up and a few good moments here and there. The scenes written around the hero characterization are good. But things go wayward in the second half. There are too many scenes which sound silly and repetitive. Further, we have songs coming out of nowhere disturbing the flow of the film. The film slumps even further towards the end of the film. The Brigands thread is poorly ended and the overemphasis on bold scenes also played a spoilsport. Finally, Natakam is nowhere near the promise it carried.

Movie Marks:

Natakam: Boring Natakam

Cast: Ashish Gandhi, Ashima, and others

Producer: Sri Saidip Chalta, Radhika Srinivas, Praveen Gandhi, and Uma Kuchipudi

DOP: Anji

Music: Sai Karthik

Editor: Manikanth

Banner: Rizwan Entertainment

Release Date: 28th September 2018

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