National Award winner Sivashankar feels

Sivashankar master, an expert, South Indian senior dance choreographer expressed his feelings that “ Andhra Pradesh State Government has not recognized me so far to bestow with the prestigious Nandi award, even though he won National award through Telugu language for his song “Dheera dheera …………….” in Magadheera” movie. Sivashankar is an expert in Indian classical dance forms. He is a student of Natraja Sakuntala. Generally, directors choose him to compose dance for historical and ethical concepts. In an interview he said that he is very happy to receive National Award for a Telugu song. He added that this credit goes to the director Rajamouli and the producer and the actors of “Maghadheera” movie supported him while directing the song on sets. He also dedicated this National award to the “Magadheera” director Rajamouli.  

He said that he was very much impressed with Keeravani’s music for “Dheera dheera……..” song. Sivashankar Master worked for many Telugu and Tamil films. He got prestigious awards from Tamil Nadu government. He said that he works hard for Telugu films also to win Nandi award from Andhra Pradesh Government, but in vain. Sivashankar master said, “even though present day choreographers don’t know classical styles, they are trying to reach audience taste by creating new dance methods. This kind of effort makes them shine.” team congratulates Sivashankar master and wishes him all the success for his future endeavors.