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Natural Star Nani is the most-sought hero in Tollywood with back to back hits. The actor is increasing his market with each film and he is gearing up for the release of his new film, Krishnarjuna Yuddham this Friday. Here are the excerpts of an exclusive interview with Nani on this occasion:

How is it working for a double role in the film?

I have done it previously for Jenda Pai Kapiraju and Gentleman. In those films, both the role are connected but it is different in this film. They fight their own problems and the rest is all about how they cross paths.

Which is your favorite role?

The role of Krishna has its share of challenges, particularly with the Chittoor Slang. It was difficult for the first two days but later I picked up with my director’s help. People will love Krishna due to the humor associated with the character.

How is it working with Anupama?

She is quite simple off the screen but she is something else totally when she faces the camera. She did an excellent job in the film. She is loved by all for no simple reason.

How confident are you in the film success?

It has everything needed to succeed – Comedy, Emotions, and Romance. The young comedians will impress big time. I am sure it will work this summer.

About the director Gandhi?

He is one director with extreme clarity. We did not reshoot a single scene. Whatever is on the paper is translated on the screen. I really enjoyed working with him and he did an even better job than what I expected.

How are you enjoying the Star Status?

I am happy with what I have today. But I am sure there is going to be a day things will go wrong. But I am fully prepared for everything. But for now, I am happy to see people having so much love and accepting me as one of them.

About Competition with Bharat Ane Nenu?

I do not feel like that. Baahubali has in fact created a market for more films. I am sure audience will enjoy back to back films this summer. I am sure the competition or whatever will not affect the movie in any way.

Will you make more movies like Awe?

I am interested in introducing fresh talent to the industry. New content, new age filmmaking needs solid support and I am game for it. Only then, the industry will flourish and different films will come to the audience.

How is it working with Nagarjuna?

We worked together for a week now and we shot a song. I am super excited about acting with him and till now, everything went well.

About Bigg Boss-2?

I do not want to comment on it at this stage. Let the people at Star MAA make an announcement first when the right time comes.

Future Projects:

I have five interesting scripts just before me right now. I am yet to finalize one. Once I am done with the multi-starrer film with Nagarjuna, I will think about these films next.

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