Nayak Movie Review

Nayak Movie Review

 Movie : Nayak


 Rating : 3.25/5


 Director : V V Vinnayak



Behind the screens

Nayak starring Ram Charan,Kajal and Amala Paul hit the screens across the world in record number of theaters. Ram Charan himself his keen to show his power after coming out of Orange and doing Racha last year. Since this year is important for him with couple of high profile projects, it is important for him to start the new year with a bang. Already Cherry’s dual role, Thaman’s music raised the tempo.Lets see what Nayak offers to movie lovers.

Story Line

Software Engineer Cherry(Ram Charan) at Cg Trix, a happy go lucky guy who enjoys his life along with his family members. However trouble starts when CBI officer (Ashish Vidyarthi) arrests him for mysterious murders going on in Kolkata and Hyderabad targeting Minister Rawat(Pradeep Rawat). Cherry further plunges into deep trouble when CBI suspects him for being behind these brutal murders. What is the mystery behind all these murders,what is the connection between them and Cherry, whether Cherry will reunite with his lover Madhu(Kajal) are the interesting elements in the film.

Star Shine

Ram Charan’s performances made Nayak an out and out Cherry entertainer. He did not disappoint his fans and even others will be pleased with his vast improvement in dialogue delivery and modulation. Kajal is stunningly beautiful and her love track with Cherry is enjoyable. Amala Paul is hot but has no role to perform. Brahmanandam is at his best with his hilarious scenes as Jilebi. Even MS.Narayana,Posani did not lag behind. Charmi sizzled in special number. Others like Rahul Dev,Pradeep Rawat played their roles to perfection.


Director Vinayak showed why he is the king of Masses. But many feel he over did himself which resulted in A certificate. If not the film would have been a bigger hit. Though Vinayak’s screenplay and direction is nothing extraordinary and even the story is predictable reminds mostly Tagore and Stalin and many superhit tollywood films, he did coverup all these shortcomings by including twists in the storyline and keeping under the wraps only to unravel at the interval block. Even that could have been better and had he maintained Cherry’s identity secret till the half of second half it would have made viewers interested.But once secret is out, he did not know what to do in the second half and stuffed the film with his trade mark violence.

First half of the film is extremely enjoyable with romance between Ram Charan and Kajal and also the scenes involving Charan and Brahmi providing ultimate entertainment. Second half MS.Narayana comes up with his lighter moments. Songs are beautiful and dances are excellent. However climax is the big letdown which one can not expect from the calibre of Vinayak. There is a feeling that he was in dilemma whether to end the film on lighter vein.


Production values are quite good with Chota K Naidu’s Cinematography taking the top slot. Thaman scores marks for his tunes and Background score. Stunts and choreography are good.

Final Marks:

Mega Power Star Ram Charan’s magic as ‘Nayak’ not only has mesmerising effect on mega fans but also on other mass movie lovers. A sumptuous sankranthi treat. Box office success depends on other big releases.


Directed by  V.V. Vinayak

Produced by D.V.V Danayya

Screenplay by Akula Shiva

Story by Akula Shiva


Ram Charan Teja,

Kajal Aggarwal,

Amala Paul

Music by Thaman

Cinematography     Chota K. Naidu

Studio Universal Media

Distributed by Siri Media (Nizam)

Bharath Pictures (Nellore)

Shobu (Ceeded)

Shakti Films (Krishna)

V. Rao (Vizag)

Challa Shankar Rao

(East Godavari)

Tulasi Films

(West Godavari)


(Tamil Nadu & Kerala)

Errabus (UK & Europe)

Universal Media (USA)

Release date(s)        January 9, 2013

Country     India

Language     Telugu

Nayak Movie Review
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