Nayantara and Prabhudeva relation will continue?

It is well that South Scope best couple award winner actor cum director Prabhudeva and actor Nayantara relation is being facing troubles. Prabhudeva’s wife Ramalatha filed a case against their relation and the civil court ordered both Prabhudeva and Nayantara to appear at the court on October 19th. 

In the mean time Society conscious organizations have all woken up and started opposing the issue of Prabhudeva- Nayantara. A women’s organization recently burnt the effigy of Nayantara and expressed its stand. The Hindu Makkal Party have also joined the issue and expressed its opposition. This is what Kannan the State Organiser of the party has to says, “Personalities who are popular with the public should set examples to the society. The basis of our culture is ‘one man one woman’. Prabhudeva is violating it”. 

They also stated that Prabhudeva and Nayantara are trying to degrade our culture. Cinema was used to further the freedom movement. Now it is being used to corrupt our culture. People who are popular and those who are in the eye of the public ought to set an example for others. If they are not, we will drive them away from the society. Serial protests will be organized to oppose the cultural aggression by Prabhudeva and Nayantara. We will hold a protest demonstration outside the residence of Prabhudeva and effigies of Prabhudeva and Nayantara will be burnt in public.

Nayantara and Prabhudeva relation will continue?
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