Airaa Review

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Movie: Airaa

Rating: 2.0/5.0

Director: Sarjun

Behind the Scenes:
Nayanthara is back with a horror film written and directed by KM Sarjun. The film marks yet another women-centric prominent role for Nayanthara. The actress has become a penchant for delivering films of different genres. So, there are high expectations for this film. Nayanthara will be seen in a dual role in the film. Let us see how Airaa is received by the audience:
Yamuna (Nayanthara) goes to her Grand Mother’s Village Bungalow to escape the marriage attempts of her parents. There, she comes up with the idea of shooting staged `Live Ghost Experience` videos and monetize them on Youtube. However, once she starts filming, she starts experiencing real paranormal presence in the bungalow, which tests the limits of her rational thinking. Rest of the story is all about the twists and turns that occur in the story and the reason behind the ghost targeting Yamuna and others.
Star Shine:
Airaa is all about Nayanthara. The actress does well in whatever she is offered but her character seems jaded due to poor writing. She did perform well in the Bhavani’s Character. Yogi Babu’s character is also poorly written. Kalaiyasaran gets a decent role and he is okay in it.
Sarjun has disappointed big time in the film both as the writer and the director. All the characters are poorly-etched and the thrills that are necessary for a horror film to work are missing. Even though he had a Superstar like Nayanthara at his disposal, he did not make use of her. KS Sundaramurthy’s background score is good. There are a couple of visually exciting moments. Editing by Karthik Jogesh could have been a lot better. Productions Values are appropriate.
Airaa takes about the Butterfly Effect concept to make the revenge angle but that fails to work. The character of Yamuna is not written well so as the audience to connect to her and fear for her safety. Even though, the movie is a horror film. The director showcases very few such moments in the first half and we already get a feeling the film is dragged. The motive of the Ghost, Bhavani is revealed in the second half. Bhavani is shammed as unlucky since her father dies immediately after her birth but the reason behind why she is after Yamuna looks very absurd. The demand she makes towards the end makes it even disappointing. The second half also disappoints. All in all, Airaa disappoints big time.

Movie Marks: 

Airaa: Disappointing Horror Film

Cast: Nayanthara and Kalaiyarasan
Writing and Direction: Sarjun
DOP: Sudarshan Srinivasan
Music: Sundaramurthy K.S.
Editor: Karthik Jogesh
Producer: Kotapadi J Rajesh
Banner: KJR Studios
Release Date: 28th March 2019

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