NTR Kathanayakudu Live Review

NBK's NTR Biopic Kathanayakudu Live Review

Live Rating: 3.0/5.0

Basically first half of the movie traveled through the life journey of NTR Film world and the second half showcased his public relation, path for reaching the mass. For the regular audience the first half may not get connected when compared to second half. Overall it’s a good attempt by Bala Krishna and Krish. Bala Krishna did justice As NTR. Krish handled the film in the right manner. For NTR Fans and followers it’s a big treat but when it comes to the regular audience it will be a big question mark? Coming days we will know the receptiveness of other viewers too…..

5.00 AM: NTR announced His political Party. Movie comes to End with Krish’s voice over end titles rolling with the song More than a hero

4.55 AM: Time for Sardar Papa Rayudu Court scene with Sridevi (Rakul Preet Singh)

4.50 AM: Nassar entry as AP CM Bhavanam Venkatarami Reddy

4.45 AM: Central Government, got reports on NTRs plans of floating a political party, IT raids on NTR

4.40 AM: Rana Entry As Nara Chandra Babu Naidu Good Response From Audience.

4.35 AM: Dasari Narayana Rao Entry as Chandra Shekhar Siddharth

4.30 AM: Rakul Preet Singh Entry As Sridevi Aku chatu pinde Tadithe Song Shoot.

Movie is running in good pace with good sentimental scenes

4.25 AM: NTR becoming close To the public, Sentimental scenes at this point are well captured.

4.20 AM: An heavy cyclone In Andhra Pradesh. NTR and Nageswarao Raises Relief fund for relief. Now it’s Time for Venditera Dora song. Director is showcasing the relation between NTR and Nageswarao in a good way.

4.15 AM: Yamagola cinema shoot going on, Hansika’s entry as Jayaprada and his family members are against acting with younger heroines.

4.05 AM: Time for Dana Veera Sura Karna shoot, the director is Portraying the greatness of this film. Shriya Saran’s entry

4.00 AM: Film industry is shifting to Hyderabad NTR Planning to Build Ram Kristna studio in Hyderabad

3.55 AM: Director showing the angry side of NTR Hari Krishna entrance as Driver

3.50 AM: Second half started NTR and Nageswarao Gets Padmasri award. They left to Delhi to receive the awards from P. V. Narasimha Rao

NTR USA Collections:  423,959 from 169 locations 10.50 PM EST

First half of the movie is a little bit slow But director sticking to the point. Lord Krishna scene and Ram Krishnas death scene were the highlights till now. Till this point, the director showed the movie journey of NTR.   We have to wait and see the next miles of the journey…….

3.40 AM: To come out of the agony of his son’s death NTR accepts All kind of roles first half completed.

3.35 AM: Now the movie is gripping into sentimental touch, which is pulling the story to a good move

3.30 AM: NTR lost his son, Ram Krishna, knowing the news of his son Ram Krishna’s death he continued the shoot

3.25 AM: Brahmanandam (Relangy) and Pranitha Subhash (Krishnakumari) entry.

3.20 AM: Gundamakatha shoot going on Nageswarao( Sumanth) and NTR are acting together Nithya Menon’s entry as Savitri

3.15 AM: Balakristna’s Namakaranam Scene The Theatre is roaring with whistles

3.10 AM: NTR is directing his own film as K.V. Reddy (krish) has rejected him to project as Ravana

3.05 AM: NTR appears as Lord Krishna and The screen is magnificent

Movie is going on a little slow pace. But movie sticks to the point.

3.00 AM: NTR started his own banner NAT (National Arts Theatre) and started producing films on his own.

2.55 AM: Director is trying to showcase NTRs kind heart. It’s Time for Cheyyeti Jai Kottu Telugoda song

2.50 AM: NTR tastes his first success with the release of Thota Ramudu, Now his family also shifts to Madras

2.45 AM: characters entry in their roles as Nagireddy (Prakash Raj), Aluri Chakrapani (Murali Sharma), K.V. Reddy( Krish), Nageswarao ( Sumanth)

2.40 AM: NTR is facing Troubles in the film industry. He is returning home back from Madras, as he couldn’t find a producer. At the last minute, he gets a chance.

2.35 AM: Kaikala Satyanarayana entry as H.M Reedy

2.30 AM: NTR meets LV Prasad and got a chance for a small role in his first film

2.25 AM: It’s Time for the first song “Kathanayaka” Titles rolling up, with Golden Era hero’s being showcased in the titles

2.20 AM: NTR leaving his family and shifting to Chennai to act in films

2.15 AM: NTR is shown as Government officer due to corruption he resigns.

2.10 AM: NTR is in hospital Vidya Balan entrance As Basavatarakam. movie shifted to 1947 Bejawada

2.05 AM:  Movie starts in the backdrop of Madras. Way back in 1984. With Kalyan rams entry as Hari Krishna

2.00AM:  Movie just started with Balakrishna’s Voice over

Nandamuri Balakrishna’s Most Prestigious venture NTR Kathanayakudu is all set for grand release. The film was surrounded with a huge positive buzz. Makers have succeeded in grabbing the attention of people with promotional stuff. The film has completed its censor formalities and has acquired with ‘U’ certificate without any cuts.

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