Neetu Chandra cigarette

Bollywood star Neetu Chandra is now in Pattaya beach Thailand, shooting Ameer‘s film “Aadhi Bhagavan”. As this is her career deciding film in Kollywood, Neetu was more than willing to give her best.

But her enthusiasm tested her hard. In one of the scenes Neetu Chandra had to smoke cigarettes which became an issue. Neetu being a non-smoker wasn’t willing to enact the scene. She did not even know how to hold a cigarette in between the fingers. But she learnt it for the sake of professionalism.

Director Ameer taught her how to hold a cigarette in different ways, and more ways to stylishly smoke. Before the scene was Okayed Neetu had finished burning many cigarettes.

Finally Neetu did that scene unwillingly.