Nela Ticket Review

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Movie: Nela Ticket

Rating: 2.0/5.0

Director: Kalyan Krishna

Behind the Screens:
Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja is joining hands with Successful director Kalyan Krishna for Nela Ticket. All eyes are on this film to see if the film can get a blockbuster for Ravi Teja whose career is in doldrums in the recent times. Let us see how the movie releasing today fares with the audience.
Nela Ticket (Ravi Teja) is an orphan who tries to enjoy life always and makes everyone his relatives. And then, there is Aditya Bhupati (Jagapathi Babu) who is selfish and he kills his own father for money. He wants to become the Chief Minister of the state. The actual story is all about how Nela Ticket gets into a conflict with Aditya Bhupathi and how Nela Ticket controls him.
Star Shine:
Ravi Teja is energetic always and tried to shoulder the film totally. But then, the story and his character lack the necessary substance and he also looked struggling. The newcomer Malavika Sharma is attractive but somehow the chemistry between them did not work out. Jagapathi Babu is not utilized well in the role of the antagonist. Brahmanandham does not even have a single dialogue. There are several senior artists who are not at all used by the director.
Director Kalyan Krishna came up with a poor story and even struggled to execute it. After delivering two successful films, he failed as a director and as well as writer. Music Director Shakthikanth disappointed with the music. Songs are high on Sound and dominated the lyrics. All of them are speed breakers to the story flow. The camera work is okay while Editing should have been a lot better. The Production Values are disappointing as well.
Kalyan Krishna has taken a routine story for his Nela Ticket and further opted for a very routine treatment to narrate the story. The director who delivered two successful films failed to utilize the strengths of Ravi Teja which is even more disappointing. Throughout the film, there are numerous scenes which are not at all related to the story. No scene really engages the audience except for some Ravi Teja mark comedy scenes here and there. The second half is even disappointing. Towards the end of the film, we will find that the director is clueless about how to complete the film and only stretched it unnecessarily. The climax sequence is also disappointing with too much melodrama. Overall, Nela Ticket is a big disappointment for Ravi Teja.
Movie Marks:
Nela Ticket: Yet Another Disappointment from Ravi Teja
Cast: Ravi Teja, Malavika Sharma, Jagapathi Babu, Brahmanandham, and Others
Writing and Direction: Kalyan Krishna
Producer: Ram Thalluri
DOP: Mukesh
Music: Shakthikanth Karthik
Editor: Chintha K Prasad
Banner: SRT Entertainments
Release Date: 25th May 2018

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