New Age Films Replace Mass Masalas in Tollywood

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Tollywood is transforming itself over the decades. We have seen some very meaningful films from various genres even from the star heroes like NTR, ANR, and Krishna in Black White Days. Mass Movies have picked pace with the advent of Colour Television. Stars have indulged in Mass Masalas which have also increased the commercial aspect of the industry. But then in 90s, the Stars of the Generation like Chiranjeevi, Balakrishna, and others have squeezed the juice out of the mass cum action films.

In the recent generation, Mass is all about Entertainment cum action from the stables of directors like Vinayak, Srinu Vaitla, Harish Shankar, and others. But then, the audience has started rejecting those films in the recent times. With the advent of the Internet, the audience has developed like for a variety of films being made in the other industries. With the taste of audience changing, the young filmmakers coming these days are opting for more such ‘different’ films. The testimony of the new air is the recent success of Arjun Reddy. A few years ago, no one would believe if someone asks if Telugu audience will see such films. Even an adult comedy like Hunterr was remade in Tollywood as Babu Baga Busy. It is a badly made remake but then someone coming forward to make such film as a mainstream cinema is a significant change in Tollywood. It is now a matter of time more different films come in Tollywood. Audience embracing such films will ensure the filmmakers to explore into unknown genres. It is a matter of time that Tollywood will become more than Over the top fights and Overboard Dialogues.


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