Nikhils 10Years Challenge Turns Controversial

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#10YearsChallenge is now a day’s trending in social media. Many celebrities are posting their ‘then and now’ pictures. Young Hero Nikhil Siddhartha well known as Nikhil has also joined the list. Nikhil took #10YearsChallenge and posted the picture where he showed his chest plates and biceps.

In the pic, we can see a drastic change of the youngster. However, it was the positive side of the post. But the comment on this picture, “Should I show my cleavage” is now irking many netizens. Many felt that it looks like a mockery of heroines and some felt the actor has done it in a funny way.

Whatever it may be in recent time Nikhil is becoming controversy’s favourite child. A few months back the actor was in news for his tweets on Vijay Devarakonda and now like this. Be careful Nikhil it’s an era of #MeToo and feminism all over.

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