Ninnu Kori Moving Towards $Half Million Mark

Natural Star Nani’s ‘Ninnu Kori’ has opened big in the United States. The movie has collected $222,517 on Friday, taking the total Gross to $382,081 for Premieres and Friday. The movie is expected to cross the Half Million Dollars Mark on Saturday. One Million Dollars is the break even mark and fans are hoping that the target will be around 1.2 Million Dollars this time.

In Domestic markets, the movie is having Super Strong Saturday at the box-office. Extra theaters are being added in several areas to accommodate the crowds. The Pre-Release Business of the movie is around Rs.20 Crore which may be easy to achieve given that the costs are manageable. It has to be seen how it holds from Monday after the working days begin. That will decide the full run range of the film. According to the talk, the movie may appeal to ‘A’ class audience.

But Nani is pulling all sorts of the audience with his popularity. A new comer Shiva Nirvana has wielded the megaphone for this film. Senior Producer DVV Danayya under his DVV Entertainments Banner and Emerging Producer MVV Satya Narayana under his MVV Cinema Banner jointly produced the film which is being presented by Writer Kona Venkat who is into movies production in the recent times