Ninnu Kori Non-Stop Minting At Overseas BO

Looks like there is no stop for Natural Star Nani’s ‘Ninnu Kori’ at the overseas Box-office. The movie is racing towards the One Million Dollars Mark as the audiences there are lapping up the film big time and trade circles are predicting that the film will hit the million dollar club shortly. The movie has raked in $384K on Friday (including Thursday Premieres) and entered the Half Million Dollars Gross on Saturday. The movie has collected $273K on Saturday alone taking the total to $656K. Ninnu Kori is likely to end up at $800K by the end of this weekend. The movie will hit the breakeven mark by the end of its second week.

In Domestic markets, the movie is on a rampage at the box-office with several extra theaters being added in all the areas. The Pre-Release Business of the movie is around Rs.20 Crore which may be easy to achieve given that the costs are manageable. It has to be seen how it holds from Monday after the working days begin. That will decide the full run range of the film. According to the talk, the movie may appeal to ‘A’ class audience. But Nani is pulling all sorts of the audience with his popularity.