Is Nithin addicted to Gutka?

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Gutka an Invitation to Death Yes May it be gutka, kharra or any pan masala these tobacco –co-products eat away the whole human body from inside. To educate the common people who are addicted to these tobacco products anti-smoking ads be shown before movies that involve smoking or tobacco products in any way.

But Many young heroes from Tollywood are addicted for smoking now As per film Nagar buzz Young hero Nithin has also joined the list. But as per film Nagar buzz, Nithin has been addicted to Gutka. Adding fuel to this news Nithin’s tooth has become red-yellow and stinks. We can clearly see this in Nithin’s Srinivasa Kalyanam. In so many shots Nithin’s teeth have appeared in the red-yellow shade. However, we have to wait and see if there any truth in this news or not?

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