Young Starlet Becoming a Nuisance for Makers?

Nivetha Thomas Manager Creating Nuisance For the directors

Nivetha Thomas is undoubtedly one of the best young talents we have in the South industry now. Not only she looks beautiful but she is also an explosive performer. She has mesmerized audiences recently in flicks like 118, Darbar and Brochevaarevarura. Her upcoming films which include Pink remake with Pawan Kalyan and the other that will be directed by Sudheer Verma are also looking promising.

But one stupid condition of hers is annoying the filmmakers who approach her to narrate their scripts. Nivetha is insisting that her manager also sits with her for narration. As you know that directors aren’t too comfortable to narrate stories in front of the third person who also tries to give suggestions in between making the directors more rattle.

It will be better if Nivetha trusts her own judgment while okaying scripts don’t let any other person influence her choices.