No director name in Ra Ra Credit titles-Why

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Family hero Srikanth is struggling to acquire proper hit in his account from past couple of years. Despite many failures, he is managed to do a couple of films. Although actor Srikanth started his career with negative roles, he has also played lead and character roles. He tried a horror comedy film with ‘Ra Ra’ which is released in a grand way on today.

The film started long ago, but due to differences between the producer and director, it stalled. Even makers don’t give credit to the director by not mentioning his director’s name of the film in posters & in movie title cards too.

Srikanth has given clear-cut clarification about not mentioning director’s name. He said, both Producers and director are my friends and I tried to intervene, but couldn’t solve the problem. Then we decided to rope in a senior director to complete the project, without divulging the director’s name. The senior director who completed this film doesn’t want to take credit, so I don’t want to reveal his name even if the film gets super hit (or) flop talk. Watch this space for more updates.

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