Now Its Time For RGV Thriller

Ram Gopal Varma will always love to encourage new talent. In most of his films, the ace director is introducing new talent to the film industry over the past three decades. Now once again, the ace director is introducing a beautiful actress named Apsara Rani. RGV has announced this on his social media page;  he posted,

“The heroine of our next film in RGVWORLDTHEATRE is Apsara Rani…The film is called THRILLER. It’s a follow up after the super success of CLIMAX and NAKED”.

Apsara Rani hailed from Odisha and grew up in Dehradun. She currently lives in Hyderabad, and she has an excellent dancer, and actress RGV added. Like his earlier films, Thriller is also going to be screened on RGV World Theater soon.