NTR Bigg Boss Heading Towards Controversies?

Telugu Version of Bigg Boss is creating a sensation on the small screen, keeping up with fans expectations and by giving solid answers to critics as boss Young Tiger NTR with his mesmerising performance rocked yesterday’s show. After watching yesterday night telecasted show many praised NTR.

It is known that Tamil version show which is hosting by universal hero Kamal Haasan has landed in controversy when some people accused Kamal of hurting the Tamil sentiments and demanded his arrest. If we keep TRP rating aside, Tamil Version of ‘Bigg Boss’ succeeded in maintaining the image of Bigg Boss as a controversial show.  Now, it seems like Telugu version is also trying to maintain that controversial image.

Telugu Version of ‘Bigg Boss’ is heading towards controversy by hurting the sentiments of Brahmins. Going into details, in one of the episodes, Bigg Boss gave a task to the participants asking them to get as many clothes as possible. But Burning Star Sampoornesh Babu failed in the task and he was seen roaming with lungi and towel. ‘Bigg Boss’ told the participants that if they want to get back their clothes, they should create a Homa Gundam in lawn and take care of it that fire not lit off.

Participants lit a fire in the Homa Gundam which is regarded as sacred by the Hindus and especially Brahmins. Participants were seen brushing and loitering around the Homa Gundam with slippers and sitting next to it and trying to warm themselves.

Some of the Hindu organizations and Brahmin associations are furious with these acts in the show. They are giving strong warnings that if they continue to hurt Hindu sentiments in their bid to gain TRPs, they will stop the show. They also warned if the show hurts’ Hindu’s sentiment than they will ban the show legally.

Let us wait and see will Bigg Boss listen to Brahmin’s and Hindu Association warning or not!!!