NTR crossed Mahesh

As far as first day talk, the collections of Young Tiger NTR”s “Brindavanam ” will  be crossing NTR’s previous records and creating the new records. This film got a good response from all set of audiences in all released centres. According to the expectations this film has overlapped the recent release of Mahesh Babu’s awaited film “Mahesh Khaleja”. Analysts are expecting that with in a week, most of the theatres which are screening “Mahesh Khaleja” are ready to replace with “Brindavanam”. If it happens Mahesh Babu Fans may hurt with this issue, but when comparison comes on the picture “Brindavanam” is much better than “Mahesh Khaleja”.

Let’s wait for few more days to know, will “Brindavanam” replaces “Mahesh Khaleja”. Stay online with www.myfirstshow.com