NTR iPhone, Nani Normal Phone

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A video of Sanjana Anne, the first contestant of Bigg Boss-2 who got eliminated in the first weekend is going viral on the Social Media. She went on to say Nani’s hosting is nowhere near NTR’s. “I don’t say it is not good. But I like NTR. Its just like those who use iPhone will never like the normal phone. Once we see Tarak, we will not like Nani’s,” she said. NTR fans are spreading the video on Twitter and it has reached Nani’s Timeline as well. He replied to the video, “Same pinch .. I like I phone too :)”. It is good to see the Natural Star talking the comment sportively. The First TRP Rating of the show will be out this Thursday and it has to be seen how the show performs. NTR put Star Maa on the Top for Six Weeks back then.
The audience feels that Nani’s spontaneity is not easy, and his timing needs to be more comfortable. The Natural Star should improve a lot so that we do not have to write him off. NTR did not agree to host the second season due to his other commitments and the audience are already missing him.

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