NTR Jai Lava Kusa Special Interview

Young Tiger NTR who is on a high with back to back successes in the recent times is coming to the audience with his Jai Lava Kusa in which he is seen in a Triple Role for the first time in his career. Ahead of the movie release, NTR interacted with the media. Here is the transcript of his exclusive interview.
Q: You have completed 17 years as a Hero. What keeps you motivating?
NTR: Its love and passion for films and the desire to deliver something different always. Love of the fans and audience keeps me going.
Q: Did you feel like doing three films when shooting for Jai Lava Kusa?
NTR: I actually felt like shooting for 100 films. The script is that demanding. But as an actor, you always want a challenge to prove ourselves. Working hard is important. I worked hard and now the result is in the hands of the audience.
Q: Will you continue hosting TV Shows?
NTR: I can never say what happens in future. 24th is the Grand Finale of Bigg Boss. I do not know about the Season-2 right now. I am not thinking about. Bigg Boss is challenging for me and something is close to my heart. I am happy it is successful.
Q: Did you have any reference for these three characters in Jai Lava Kusa?
NTR: There are references to my films itself. Kusa has a close resemblance to Raja character in Yamadonga while Lava is close to Nannaku Prematho. But I did not get any resemblance for Jai character. We did extensive research for the character which adores Ravana.
Q: Did you inspire from Ravana character of your grandfather?
NTR: We never tried. It is impossible to replicate the character played by him. The comparisons may have come if there is such getup. The stammering problem has a different touch to the character. So, it’s all different and so it is tasking.
Q: Dances in the film?
NTR: Lava and Kusa Characters will have some good dance movements. Jai character will also have a dance but is more like Ravana Thandavam. The dancing bit in Swing Zara will be very interesting.
Q: How did you decide on Jai Lava Kusa?
NTR: I have listened to innumerable stories before deciding on Jai Lava Kusa. More than the pressure of film after Janatha Garage, I wanted to have a special film for NTR Arts. Numbers really do not matter for me, we want to make a good film.
Q: How about a film with Rajamouli?
NTR: We do not know when it will happen but it will happen. Rajamouli has so many commitments. He is a good friend. He will decide when to do a film and what to do. I will do that if he gets something good for me.
Q: How is Devi’s work for the film?
NTR: We can not talk much about Devi’s work. He is already proven. His background score will take the film to the next level. The background score in the emotional sequences will leave the audience in tears.
Q: How is it working with your brother?
NTR: There is no Hero and Producer tag for this film. There are times I have taken some decisions, sometimes he took decisions and sometimes we together took decisions. It is really good working in my home banner.
Q: Did your son watch the movie?
NTR: He is in the age of watching cartoons on his iPad. I do not want to show movies and have their influence on him. Even in school, he will be free and his background does not influence the young mid.
Q: What is your opinion about social media?
Social Media and Technology comes with a package. There are pros and cons. It is your choice to decide the space you want to give it in our life. There are no second thoughts about it for me. It is good and bad. That’s the effect of technology.