NTR’s Rejected Script for Pawan Kalyan?

NTR rejects Pawan kalyan accepts Harish Shankar's script

Ever since the announcement of a film in the combination of Powerstar Pawan Kalyan and mass director Harish Shankar the Tollywood circles can’t stop buzzing about its genre, its story, and cast. If everything falls in place then the shooting of the film is expected to kick-start in the last quarter half of this year.

As we reported earlier that Harish Shankar made it clear by thrashing all rumors about the film being a remake of Bollywood hit, He said the film will have an original story and screenplay. Now according to some sources, Harish Shankar had pitched the same storyline to NTR a few months back but didn’t get a favorable response for the RRRR star. Later after making a few changes, Harish approached Pawan with the same story which got approved by power star.

If this is what happened behind the scenes, we will have to wait and see if NTR’s loss will turn out to be a gain for Pawan Kalyan?