NTR scored full marks on hosting Bigg Boss

NTR scored full marks hosting Bigg Boss

Much-awaited Television reality show Telugu Version of ‘Bigg Boss’ was aired last night. NTR made a rocking debut on television by hosting this show. NTR has impressed all and scored full marks in hosting the programme.

The show consists of fourteen participants which have a filmy background. The mix of contestants has attracted viewers. Well, needless to say, it will be worth watching how these contestants get along during the course of the show.

Here is the list for you folks:

  1. Actress Archana
  2. Actor Sameer
  3. Mamaith Khan
  4. Hero Prince
  5. Singer Madhu Priya
  6. Sampoornesh Babu
  7. Vamp Actress Jyothi
  8. Singer Kalpana
  9. Film reviewer Mahesh Kathi
  10. Anchor Kathi Karthika
  11. Shiva Balaji
  12. Hari Teja (Serial Artist)
  13. Aadarsh Balakrishna
  14. Dhanraj