NTR’s spirit is driving force to make Lakshmi’s NTR: RGV

Maverick Director Ram Gopal Varma is known as a king of controversies…almost all his films in recent times filled with controversies and he faced stir from many. Ever since the biopic of legendary actor, cum politician NTR was announced, controversies are kick-started.

He raised the first controversy with his concept and title announcement, recently he announced that his film is titled as ‘Lakshmi’s NTR’ and he will make NTR biopic in the perception of his second wife Lakshmi Parvathi’s view. Later he announced that the film will be produced by YSR Congress Party Leader Rakesh Reddy. This invited threats from various quarters to RGV but he remained undeterred.

He revealed some shocking and interesting news about this intriguing biopic. RGV believes the spirit of NTR is the reason for him to make Lakshmi’s NTR. RGV claims, “The strong person behind me to make the film ‘Lakshmi’s NTR’ is none other than the late NTR. His spirit comes in my dreams every day and is helping me to write the screenplay of the film.”

Not only that, RGV released one pic through his facebook which is creating stirs on social media. He released the pic from NTR’s funeral where Lakshmi Parvathi is seen sitting behind his body. While Chandrababu Naidu is looking at both of them.

Recently speaking to one of the popular news channels he came with a shocker about NTR. He said he announced the biopic on NTR after a discussion with his friends resulted that ‘no one can be bigger than NTR’. He said studied about NTR’s life and said that he never met NTR’s second wife Lakshmi Parvathi.

 RGV added, in the entire life story of NTR after Lakshmi Parvathi entry only his downfall started, that episode is quite interesting for me. So I decided to make biopic from that episode.   He added, when Lakshmi Parvathi entered into NTR’s life, he was in Mumbai. And he selected Lakshmi’s NTR as prior to her entry he used to be a superstar and super politician but after her entry, he became an ordinary person. He shares he got curious to know the sensational developments during that time.

He added, he cannot reveal whom he met regarding film story but he made clear that he did not meet NTR’s family members. And he will never meet them as all of them has their own personal and political relations and he will not get the frank views from them.

He shares he met NTR’s driver, one of the cook. And only servants know more about their employers.

So, finally, RGV saying that NTR’s spirit is driving force to make NTR’s biopic!!!! Let us wait and see what counter he will get from Nandamuri’s family especially Balakrishna who is getting ready to make NTR’s biopic with director Teja.

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