Nuvvu Thopu Ra Live Review

Last updated on August 2nd, 2019 at 12:25 pm

5:45 AM IST: Movie opened Up in USA and Sudhakar Komakula entry As Suri he is in some trouble, Time for the flashback

5:50 AM IST: Nirosha entry as Suri’s mother, Suri is having some difference with his mother and maintains distance.

5:55 AM IST: Time for Nitya Shetty entry and Suri fell in love with her in love at first sight.

6:00 AM IST: Time For First Song Padi Padamani. Love song between lead pair.

6:05 AM IST: Difference between Nitya Shetty and Suri As Suri is jobless. Time for Second Song, Porilante BP Sugar and it’s a Bit song with friends.

6:10 AM IST: Suri has a habit of playing Drums due to that he lands in USA

6:15 AM IST: Suri gets conflict with Association. Suri took his life seriously and doing jobs in USA to get survive.

So far Movie is running in dull pace

6:25 AM IST: Here comes Varun Sandesh Entry. Varun Sandesh and Suri become friends

6:35 AM IST: Time for Chal Chal Pada Song

6:45 AM IST: Suri Mother gets Sick. To earn money Suri is planning to sell drugs

So far the movie doesn’t have any story. Especially there is no positive point to talk about. Length of First half is a bit longer. We have to wait and see how the second half is going to be.

7:05 AM IST: Friends who get close to Suri are bad guys

7:15 AM IST: Time For Akasham Song. It was a good one so far.

7:20 AM IST: Suri met Nitya Shetty in USA

7:25 AM IST: A small twist in the story Nitya Shetty is in live in relation with someone

7:30 AM IST: Suri is trying to sell Drugs. Varun Sandesh is opposing him

7:40 AM IST: While selling drugs he gets a clash with gangsters. Fight scenes going on.

7:45 AM IST: Movie comes to end with a happy ending

The first half is far better than the second half. Except for very few sentiment scenes which are good rest of the movie is screwed up. Coming to the songs second half songs is better to some extent. Other than this there is no single positive point to talk about.

Live Rating: 1.75/5

Punch Line: Nuvvu Thopu Ra – Idi Pedda Boring Ra