Officer Flop On Amazon Prime As Well?

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King Nagarjuna and Controversial Director Ram Gopal Varma’s Officer has ended up as a Big Disaster. The movie will be probably the only film of Star Heroes in Telugu to be ending with less than One Crore Share Worldwide. It surpasses the current Biggest Disasters of Star Heroes – Nagarjuna’s Kedi and Balayya’s Parma Veera Chakra. Needless to say, Akkineni fans were in a depression of sort and were even abusing Nagarjuna for giving a chance to Ram Gopal Varma who is at the lowest point of his career.
The movie got released a couple of days on Amazon Prime. We are told that the movie has got no takers even on Amazon Prime and the Digital Content Giant has lost huge money on this film. The movie has got low downloads even on the Piracy sites, they say.  Looks like people are not interested to see the flop film even on their Television sets. Nagarjuna is currently shooting for his new film, Devadas which is a multistarer with Natural Star Nani. The movie is being prepared for the September 27th release. Nagarjuna is keen to bag a big hit with Devadas and erase the bad memories of Officer for him and the fans as well.

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