Okkadine inside talk from theater

Nara Rohit, Nitya Menon starrer directed by Srinivas Raga is screened today across Andhra Pradesh. According to sources the youthful entertainer is progressing at slow pace. First half is completed with introduction of all characters. Three songs have been completed and the film till now has no fights and has only very few comedy scenes. Interval twist is good but slow pace of the film tested everyone’s patience. 

Second half is full of flash backs,twists with Brahmanandam offering comic tonic in between.Rohit tries his best to impress all with his performance and dances,while Nitya Menon is doling out natural beauty treat. Naga Babu and Saikumar are trying to make climax interesting but people after coming out of theaters are saying climax is a pain to watch as it tested their patience. They confess that it tested their patience.


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