Okkadu Migiladu Review

Movie:                 Okkadu Migiladu

Rating:                1.75/5

Direction:          Ajay Andrews Nuthakki

Behind the Screens

Manchu Manoj has this impression of trying different subjects in the audience. But commercial success is always evading him. The actor is in the pursuit of success once again with Okkadu Migiladu, a film with LTTE Backdrop. Let us see how the movie releasing today fares with the audience.


Three female students commit suicide as they are sent to minister’s sons for the promotion of a college professor. The students commit suicide to escape from them. Student Leader Surya (Manchu Manoj) fights for justice as the suicide reasons are kept under wraps. The minister gets him arrested and plans to kill him in an encounter. How did Surya escape? What is the relation between Surya and LTTE Leader Peter (Manchu Manoj)? forms the rest of the story.

Star Shine:

Manoj who is mostly seen in energetic roles tried very serious roles in the film. He looked natural in the role of Surya but sounded a bit dramatic in Peter’s Role. Director Ajay Andrews also was seen in an important role and he excelled in the film. Posani is good as a Police Constable. Anisha Ambrose is okay in the role of a journalist. Suhasini, Milind Gunaji and Banerjee are good in their roles.


Director Ajay tried to portray the struggle of Migrants in Sri Lanka in a realistic manner. The movie, however, sounds more like a documentary. The voiceover by Nara Rohit is good. The makers have used many scenes from the original film, Ravana Desam. Even though it is already announced that Okkadu Migiladu is the remake of Ravana Desam, retaining more than half of the film is not good. Some scenes are too much drama and the length is just too much. Excessive violence, preaching dialogues, sentiment overdose will make the audience restless and the movie a disappointing fare.


As said earlier, director Ajay should be admired for choosing a realistic subject. He failed to make it an appealing film while he ended up making it as a documentary. There are no songs in the film but bit songs come here and there which gel into the mood of the film. The background score supports the mood of the film. The boat sequences in Sri Lanka are neatly shot. The cinematography is a plus point for the film. Editing is very much disappointing. Production Values are compromised as more than half of the film visuals are reused from Tamil film, Ravana Desam.

Movie Marks:

Okkadu Migiladu – Tests Patience and Makes Restless


Cast: Manchu Manoj, Anisha Ambrose and others

Screenplay: Gopi Mohan and Ajay Andrews Nuthakki

Direction: Ajay Andrews Nuthakki

Producer: SN Reddy Laxmikanth

Music: Siva Nandigam

Cinematographer: VK Ramaraju

Editor: Karthika Srinivas

Banner: Padmaja Films India Pvt Ltd

Release Date: November 10th, 2017

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