OMG: Samantha Chooses Sex rather than Food

Sizzling beauty Samantha is well known for her frankness, she never hesitates to share her frank opinion on public platforms. Either it comes to degrading women in films by showing heroines as glamour dolls and to discuss against about a top hero. She openly stated many times wrong is wrong it comes anything, she never hides the truth.

Now, her boldness shocked all!!! It is known that recently Samantha has given interview and hotshot for a cover page of popular magazine JFW. Her hot and smoking photos went viral on nets… Some praised for her beauty and boldness and on another side of the coin, some smashed her that she is degrading Akkineni family’s image by posing for a hot photo shoot.

Now, her audacious statement will definitely shock all, her interview with JFW clip is going viral on social networking pages, what is there in the interview to wonder you people may think? where she revealed 5 interesting secrets… but Sam shocking reply to one question will definitely hook all… It is quite different where we haven’t expected these types of answers from Samantha.

Samantha was asked in an interview if she prefers sex or food. Samantha has opted for sex and said that she would starve any day. Sam’s reply hooked all the viewers. She also revealed about her favorites and about her lover Naga Chaitanya too. However, the Tollywood love birds Samantha and Naga Chaitanya are going to wedlock on Oct, 6th… Currently, both are busy with the respective project and both families are busy in wedding preparations…. Anyhow Samantha’s boldness needs to be appreciated!!!!