Ongole Githa not recovered expenses in US!!

Ongole Githa not recovered expenses in US!!

First week end is over in USA for Ongole Githa and it has become a first biggest disaster for 2013.

Here is the summary of Analysis:

First week end reported gross                           : $25,000

(Including premiere shows) 

Expected gross for rest of the first week             : $3,000

Non-Reported gross @ 15%                               :$4,000

Total Gross for first week                                    :$32,000

Expected gross for 2nd week (max. 10%)             :$3,000

Total projected gross                                           :$35,000

Theater rents   : 40% (This movie may get even 50% only. Also in some places where fixed rent is there Distributor/exhibitor need to pay from their pocket.

Example: Detroit: Theater fixed rent is $2,500 where as it collected only $500. Need to pay back around $2000 from their pockets!!

Net share (at 60%)                          : $21,000/Rs.10.5 lakhs (rounded)

Paid for Rights                                : Rs.80 Lakhs

Expenses                                       : Rs.15 Lakhs

(This includes Prints, Publicity and Digital setup fees etc.)

Net Profit:

Rs95 Lakhs (rights plus expenses) – 10.5 Lakhs(share) = Rs.84.5 Lakhs (loss)

Bottom Line: Prints and expenses of Rs.15 lakhs also not recovered!!

Ongole Githa not recovered expenses in US!!
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