Outside Food To Theaters Will Telugu Govts Follow?

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Maharashtra Government issued a G.O which can be termed as a major relief to the movie-goers. The state Government starting from August 1st has allowed the audience to carry outside food to the theaters. The state government is also planning a series of meetings with multiplex owners to reduce the prices of food items as per the market prices. This step of the Maharashtra government has got a big applause everywhere.

This has been a major demand in both the Telugu States as well but the theater owners have been vehemently opposing that saying that Food Business is the major contributor of their Business. They say their Business model will become untenable by reducing the prices especially as the film ticket prices are low here. As the news of the steps taken by Maharashtra Government is out, there are demands from Netizens asking our governments to intervene as well. As of now, Theater Owners are charging obnoxious amounts for food items in the theaters. Sometimes, the rates going up as much as 10 times to the normal rates. Recently Telangana Government has banned charging of the Parking Fees of vehicles in theaters and multiplexes bringing a huge relief to the movie-goers.

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