Overseas BO Analysis: KVJ at Loss!!

After getting good reviews and appreciations from certain people Krishanam Vande Jagadgurum overseas is still at loss and here is the Box Office analysis. Some of the reason for making losses is buying movies for overseas market at more than what they desired price tag and not releazining what distributors/exhibitors are spending for theater rentals and expenses. Several biggies gearing up for early 2013 release which were brought at least 25 to 30% more than they worth! So we can except several loss ventures in coming few months whether they are hit or phut. Mean while here is the Box office Analysis for KVJ.


 First week reported gross (including premiere shows) : $230,000
 Non-Reported gross @ 15% :                 $34,500

 Total Gross:                                         $264,500

 Expected gross for 2nd week (at 15%) :    $40,000                                 

 Total projected gross :                           $304,500

 Theater rents   : 35% (With revised Big Cinemas percentage 

 even  theater rents are more than this but we are taking average

 theater rents. Also 2nd week rent will be min. 40% with this gross.

 taxes also not included)


 Net share (at 65%) :                             $198,000/Rs.1Cr (rounded)

 Non-US (Only screened in Middle East)  : Rs.5, 00,000

 Total Net share  :                                 Rs.1, 05, 00,000

 Paid for Rights  :                                   Rs.1,00,000 (with Rs15 lakhs recoverable)

 Expenses  :                                          Rs.25, 00,000


(This includes Prints, Publicity, Digital setup, some paybacks & multiple shipments)


Net Profit   :   Rs 1.05, 00,000 – (1,00,000 + 25, 00,000)   =  -Rs.20, 00,000
If recoverable happens then the loss is Rs 5 lakhs other wise Rs 20 lakhs.
Bottom Line : Operation success but patient dead!
Note : 2nd week collections are estimations and there could be 5 to 10% variation. If it is more than that we will revise this article.


 From the desk of overseas market analysts