Overseas BO Analysis: YVM Loss or Profit?

Even though YVM got good reviews than it desired looks like still it is heading as a loss venture on overall in Overseas due to cover price tag and more expenses. Now-a-days if the gross is less than $300k for mid size movie and less than $1m for big movies is a loss venture for overseas as the price tags are at high as min. 25 to 30%. We see more gross because of more small centers are opening in first week but will see less profit because of more expenses!!

Here is the Box Office analysis for YVM:
First week end reported gross                          :$180,000
(including premiere shows) 
Expected gross for rest of the first week         : $12,000
Non-Reported gross @ 15%                             :$30,000
Total Gross for first week                                    : $222,000
Expected gross for 2nd week                             : $25,000
(As the collections were dropped heavily from Sunday we shouldn’t expect more gross in second week)                        
Total projected gross                                            : $247,000
Theater rents   : 40% (Big Cinemas gross is less than $75k so it will go under 60/40 slab. Most of the Cinemark locations are full week schedule and distributor will get only 40 to 52% max. Share. Also 2nd week rent will be min. 45% with this gross. Taxes also not included. Several small centers which are less than $1000 gross will not recover expenses also)
Net share (at 60%)              : $148,000/Rs.75 lakhs (rounded)
Non-US                                          :  Rs.5, 00,000
Total Net share                              :  Rs.80, 00,000
Paid for Rights                           :  Rs.60, 00,000 (on share basis)
Expenses                                         :  Rs.30, 00,000
(This includes Prints, Publicity and Digital setup etc.)
Net Profit : Rs90, 00,000 (rights plus expenses – 80, 00,000 (share) = Rs.10, 00,000 (loss)
Note: 2nd week collections are estimations and there could be 10% variation.
Bottom Line: This analysis is not how much was the gross and how many records it broke! Whether distributors/exhibitor making Profits or not. Movies are doing good but no body is making money!! Same will continue for some more days!!!
Overseas BO Analysis: YVM Loss or Profit?
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