Overseas Distributors must realize the truth.

Overseas Distributors who are doing business from so many years with huge amounts of money have to come up with some realistic business strategies because some issues  like on time presentation (Screening) of the film which are going on from few a days may affect the Overseas film market and even film industry also.

For example, yesterday most hyped and heavy budget movie of Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s “Puli” distributor doesn’t have an agreement (Single Paper Proof) when they come to Hyderabad Airport with the prints, even they didn’t have the Import and Export license also. As per the US law concerns, the distributors should have Import and Export license to distribute the regional movies in Overseas, without a proper license it should be an illegal. This shows how they are irresponsible with their duties.

As per the sources, in some areas “Puli” was sold for 50K and out of these kinds of irresponsibility’s the exhibitors may face huge loss. Not only the Exhibitors, distributor also had lost heavy amount for not screening this movie in first 2 days. Even movie lovers are also felt badly for not screening the movie on time. wishes that exhibitors and distributor may recover they money in the following weeks.        

Overseas Distributors must realize the truth.
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