Oxygen director AM Jyothi Krishna Interview

Popular Producer AM Rathnam’s elder son AM Jyothi Krishna who debuted into the film industry as a director with bilingual film ‘Nee Manasu Naaku Telusu’ in 2003 has taken a long gap of 12 years to release his second directional venture. Later he worked as co-producer for a couple of films. Now, this director is getting ready to prove his directorial skills with Gopichand starrer ‘Oxygen’ which is slated for grand release on tomorrow, November, 30th. Here is the chit-chat with the director who revealed interesting news about Oxygen…

Q: Why the film release got delayed?
A: Yes, the film release got delayed and postponed many times. I am also waiting eagerly waiting for release from a long time, the film was ready 8 months ago but due to graphics delayed the film release also got delayed. Visual effects people didn’t give the particular date and failed to reach the deadline. So, without any option many times it got postponed. But it has given us a chance to re-edit the film many times to get perfect output which can be seen on screen. This delay and postponements have given a feeling that I had re-written 10th class five times!!!!

Q: How much graphics part did the film contains?
A: The film contains 70 % of graphics part. Generally, in my first picture, I used a lot of CG (Computer graphics). Before starting this film I decided to use less CG work but content demanded. Some shots we can shot in real which can be shown through CG works only. While watching the picture you can recognize that shot was made in CG, it flows with the flow like a natural realistic shot. To match the realistic shot, CG works got delayed.

Q: What is Oxygen basic Story?
A: After coming out from theatre every citizen will get a feeling to do something for the nation.

Q: Why you took long gap to start the second film?
A: After my first film release, I tried a lot but I didn’t get a chance to direct my second film. So, I entered into production department. I have worked in production team for a couple of films. Last in Telugu as co-producer was Bheema, Bangaram etc., And we started a couple of projects in Tamil, like bilingual films ‘Arambham’, ‘Entha Vadukani’ ‘Vedalam’ etc., I got completely busy with production works.

Q: How did Oxygen Got Kickstart?
A:  At the end of ‘Entha Vadukani’ I decided to do direction and we launched officially in 2015 but I am quite busy with ‘Vedalam’ production works, so after completing ‘Vedalam’ we started the regular works on the film.

Q: Almost all your films contain two heroines, any sentiment?
A: No, not a sentiment, it’s coming like that, in my first film we cast Trisha Krishnan, Shriya Saran both are new faces to industry, later they have turned top actresses. In my second, Tamil film I cast Ileana D’Cruz, Tamannaah Bhatia both are fresh faces, later they have too turned big stars.

For this film, I want fresh faces, so I called Anu Emmanuel from America but before our film release, she turns top actress. Actually, Anu Emmanuel character is a good lengthy role, I have approached senior heroine for this role but due to dates issue, we hired fresh face.

Q: What is the core point in the film? Is this message-oriented film?
A: It is good message oriented film blended with all commercial elements, if convey the good message directly it will be dry, so we mixed it with action thriller and commercial elements to reach public.
Coming to core point, after watching the film my close associates said that the film contains three suspense thrilling points not to reveal it before the film release. You need to watch on big screen.

Q: What is Oxygen means?
A: Oxygen means till it won’t starts in an interview you need to watch on big screen.

Q:Please describe hero characterization?
A: Hero characterization has three variations in the story. Gopichand Sir what you have seen so far is different, after watching the film ‘Oxygen’ your opinion on Gopichand sir changes. He showed that many of variations and I am sure that he will get superstar image with this film.

Q: How You have Approached Gopichand?
A: After preparing the story I tried to approach Gopichand sir, but I didn’t get his appointment. While ‘Vedalam’ making, director Siva taken me to Gopichand sir because he did ‘Souryam’ with him and he had a good rapo. After listening to story Gopichnad Sir, immediately accepted and he only called my father and asked to produce it.

Q: Why Gopichand referred your father to produce this film? You didn’t ask?
A: No, I didn’t tell my father that I have a story and I want to be the director. First, I have approached Gopichand Sir and narrated the story he was much impressed and given nod immediately without any second thought. After that he enquired about production team, I informed him that I haven’t yet approached any production team, then he called my father AM Rathnam and said that I had a good script and he is ready to work for it. Later on, my father given appointment and listened to the story and given nod without any corrections. Generally, he tells corrections in every story and scripts but this the first script he didn’t make any corrections.

Q: Will you dub this film in Tamil?
A: No, this film is based on nativity, so we can not dub, it should be re-made. In-fact one characterization of hero in the film complete based on Telugu nativity, the film also contains song on the Telugu language. Each and every scene portrays the nativity, so it must be re-made.

Q: Any plans for Tamil re-make?
A: After the film gets super hit talk then definitely, producers will approach us. Then we will go ahead but so far no idea on it.

Q: What is your experience working with Vetri?
A: Actually, 6 DOP’s worked for this film, because long gap, Vetri after making half picture he moved to another film due to shooting delay but Vetri did a good job he shot mass sequence, mass song, and Adhirindhe song. Luckily due to my father’s influence, all DOP’s came forward with a phone call without asking a single question. Priyan who worked for ‘Singam’ series shot two songs and one mass sequence, he passed away two weeks back, I felt really bad. He did great work. Prasad Garu shot an important scene in Sikkim, the great experience with him due to lack of dates I forced to finish a particular sequence in one day which actually requires three days. He worked for complete 24 hrs from Morning 6 AM to next day morning 6 AM without giving any break to artists and completed that scene in one day. Next Chota K. Naidu garu, without Chota garu this picture will not be completed. Chota garu helped a lot and his experience used very much for this film. One song, Anu Emmanuel Goa song shot by Chota Garu brother Shyam Garu. His creation is ultimate.

Q: Buzz is that Budget exceeded?
A: Actually, I am a producer’s son, I want to show more on screen by spending fewer amounts. I know most of the directors don’t have perfect calculations. They can’t visualize how much they can spend on the particular scene; they spend Rs.10 on scenes which can be done with Rs.1 or Rs.2. But, I have known perfect calculations, all of my films shows like visual grandeur with a low budget.

Q: What is your father reaction after watching the final copy?
A: My father watched the film more than 25 times, he doesn’t appreciate me personally but he said to him all film industry friends that the film is very good. They told me that your father liked the film very much if he liked then entire India will like.

Actually, the film is screened to some of the close friends and my family. My wife who is big critic appreciated me. We also screened the film to some of the distributors they also like the film and very confident that it will be dam hit.

He signed off…..