Padi Padi Leche Manasu Live Review/ Updates

Padi Padi Leche Manasu (PPLM) Live Review & Updates

Live Rating: 2.0/5.0

The first half is good without any boring scenes but the director completely messed up with the second half. It seems like Director Hanu who doesn’t have a story for the second half has impended amnesia concept and mystified all audiences. To be frank the complete second half is not up to the mark and audiences felt a headache. With the result of the second half, the first half positive result also went on air. Overall the film turned out as big boring with conflict concept. Apart from songs, story wise its completely misfired.    

8:30 AM (IST): The film came to end with an abrupt and insensible climax.

8:25 AM (IST): DIrector confusing the audience with break up and reunion and break… real amnesia patient and acting to tease Surya…

8:20 AM (IST): The scenes are showing like Vaishali is suffering from amnesia and showing she is acting like amnesia patient in front of Surya…

8:15 AM (IST): Its time for forth Song ‘Emai Poyave..”

The film started entering into boring phase .. it’s running with boring scenes and unnecessary comedy part 

8:10 AM (IST): Boring scenes like Surya trying to impress Vaishali and she avoids him intentionally. and In meanwhile  Sunil episode is irritating audience.

8:05 AM (IST): Sunil Entry as Vaishali’s cousin (Bava) from the USA.  He wants to marry her and trying to propose her.

8:00 AM (IST): Some scenes Surya starting to impress Vaishali…again Vennala Kishore entry for a while… regular scenes

7: 55 AM (IST): Vaishali also acts like amnesia patient… Surya who believes that Vaishali lost memory wants to kick-start love story again

7: 50 AM (IST): Again earthquake happens Vaishali hurt with minor injuries and she underwent some surgery. Vaishali started avoiding Surya with unknown reason. In meanwhile her friend tells Surya that he lost memory.

7: 45 AM (IST): Surya came to know that Vaishali went to Nepal to meet him and at the same time Vaishali knows that Surya reached Nepal before to meet her… Misunderstanding clear and Surya coming back to Nepal to met Vaishali who is busy with patients who hurt in the earthquake

7:40 AM (IST): Both tried to contact each other but some misunderstanding that Surya thought Vaishali did not reach Nepal and Vaishali thinking that Surya did not come to Nepal

7:35 AM (IST): Earth happens Vaishali saves a boy and searches for Surya… It’s time for forth song .. ‘Hrudhayam Jaripe..’ song

7:30 AM (IST): Second Half Started..A couple of hours back before Earth Quake… Sai Pallavi Came to the temple and waiting for Surya and recollecting all memories.

The first half is good with fresh scenes.. Songs are good.. Director Hanu narrated story with an interesting screenplay. But it is a bit longer with a couple of unnecessary scenes which can be trimmed… Let us wait and see, What interesting points he blended in second half.   

7:20 AM (IST):  The film is tending towards interval bang…. movie shift to present Police officer laughs at Surya and Challenges that Vaishali will not come.. All of the sudden Earthquake happens, Surys saves police officer and some other in that building.. small twist… First-half end…

7:15 AM (IST):  Vaishali gets upset with Surya’s decision but Surya explains why he didn’t believe in marriage, he tells his parents story. Both decided to meet after two years in the same place if they feel they can’t live without each other..

7:10 AM (IST): Vaishali asks Surya to marry him, but he refuses and says that he doesn’t believe in marriage asks for Live-in-relation. Vaishali gets upset with Surya’s decision.

7:05 AM (IST): Vaishali went to Nepal for medical champ… Surya also going after her there suddenly Surya met his father.. Surya and his father have some verbal war in a coffee shop in front of Vaishali

7:00 AM (IST): Vaishali walks away.. Surya Trying to convince her… Next Classroom scene… Surya hugs Vaishali in classroom

6:55 AM (IST): Surya doesn’t know that Murali Sharma is Vaishali’s father… Surya was introduced to all family members… Surya Proposes Vaishali in front of all Family members…

6:50 AM (IST): Vaishali’s father asks her to invite Surya for Lunch and incidentally Murali Sharma who meet Surya on the road take him to home and introduces to Vaishali as a person who saved him

So far the movie is good without any boring scenes..

6:45 AM (IST): Finally it was revealed that Surya is the one Agnostic lover… Sai Pallavi in dilemma and tell her father (Murali Shrama) about Surya…

6:40 AM (IST):   Vaishali fell in love with that Agnostic lover (Agnyathapremikudu) ask Surya helps to meet him

6:35 AM (IST):  Scenes in metro train… Vennale Kishore entry as a thief… Some comedy scenes…

6:30 AM (IST):  Some person teases Vaishali in the temple… Surya hits them and makes to tell sorry for Vaishali… she impressed that someone protecting her .. Its time for third song ‘O My Lovely Lalana..’ Song is good

6:25 AM (IST):  Story back to the present… Sharwa’s still playing a game of Agnostic lover… Now its time for thrid song.. Nandagopal a bit song in a temple…

6:20 AM (IST):  Murali Sharma ask Sharwa about his parents… Small flashback Priya Raman and Sampath introduced as Sharwa’s parents who are fights for divorce…

6:15 AM (IST):  Murali Sharma entry as Vaishali (Sai Pallavi’s) father… Vaishali’s brother works under goon in Kolkata… To take his son out from goons gang,  Murali Sharma files a complaint in the police station and goons who came to know about compliant try to kill him.. Sharwa saves him…

6: 10 AM (IST): Surya roaming around Vaishali … It’s time for the second song ‘Kollalam’… The song is good

6:00 AM (IST): Surya trying to impress Vaishali. As shown in trailer Surya plays different games like someone Agnostic lover is loving Vaishali from past 2 years (Agnyathapremikudu) and he hit him, he introduces himself as other other person and trying to come close to Vaishali

5:55 AM (IST): Its Time for First Song ‘Hrudhayam Jaripe’… The song is good completely shot in Kolkata.

5:50 AM (IST): Surya and his friends Flash mob dance on road… Surya saw Sai Pallavi … Love at first sight… Sai Pallavi introduced as Vaishali. She is a doctor and she loves nature tries to protect it from pollution.

5:40 AM (IST): Flashback mode – Movie Shifted Kolkata – 2years back… Raju Sundaram entry as the small goon who is looking for Surya to beat… Small fight with Surya… Finally, he came to know that due to misconnection he beat the wrong person — (Director imported regular comedy fight skit…)

5:30 AM (IST):  Movie Just Started Title rolling… Sharwa’s simple entry in Nepal as Surya…  Due to some reasons, Police caught Surya, he asks to give one day time saying that tomorrow D-day for him. Police ask Surya to tell his story… Surya Started narrating his story to a police officer

Here are Live Updates From USA Premier Show started @ 7:00 PM EST (5:30 AM  IST)…
Padi Padi Leche Manasu (PPLM) Live Review & Updates
Padi Padi Leche Manasu (PPLM) Live Review & Updates

Versatile actor Sharwanand and natural beauty Sai Pallavi are all set to fire the big screens with a breezy romantic entertainer ‘Padi Padi Leche Manasu’. The film is all set for grand release on Dec 21st and USA premiers are on Dec 20th.

The film got enough positive buzz with so far released promotional stuff. Currently, Sai Pallavi’s crazy on the peak with back to back hits and her selection of performance-oriented roles impressing the movie lovers and they are eagerly waiting to watch this pair Sai Pallavi and Sharwanand’s chemistry on screen.

The film has completed its censor formalities and has acquired with ‘U’ certificate without any cuts.

The Live review of Padi Padi Leche Manasu will be updated on Dec 20th from 7.00 PM EST (Dec 21st -5:30 AM IST). Watch this space for Live Review…

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