Padi Padi Leche Manasu Review

Movie: Padi Padi Leche Manasu


Story, Screenplay, and Direction: Hanu Raghavapudi

Behind the Scenes:

Young Hero Sharwanand is cruising ahead with back to back successes. He is teaming up with Happening Heroine Sai Pallavi in Padi Padi Leche Manasu directed by Hanu Raghavapudi. The Promotional material of the film has created a decent hype for the movie since the start. Let us see how  Padi Padi Leche Manasu is received by the audience:


Padi Padi Leche Manasu begins in Nepal as Surya (Sharwanand) narrates his failed love story. Surya is after Vaishali (Sai Pallavi) – a medico in Kolkata. After a lot of persuasions, Vaishali also responds in positive but Surya says he is okay to live together but can not marry due to his past. With that their love falls apart and they get separated. The rest of the story is how they get united at the end crossing all the hurdles.
Star Shine:

Sharwanand once again came up with a matured performance. He did very well in Romantic scenes as well as comedy sequences. Sai Pallavi lived in the role of Vaishali. Their chemistry is the major highlight of the film. The entire film revolves around both of them and so there is very little significance to the other characters. Priyadarshi, Sunil, and Vennela Kishore managed few laughs in their little characters. Murali Sharma and Priya Raman are good in whatever they are offered.


Hanu Raghavapudi tried to come up with a poetic love story and as in the case in his previous films, slow pace has come as a big problem. Vishal Chandrasekhar came up with excellent songs. The Background score enhanced the mood of the film at many places. The cinematography by Jay Kay is impressive. Some frames give us a feeling that we are watching Maniratnam films. Editing by A Sreekar Prasad could have been better in the second half. Production Values are appropriate.


The first half of the film is good with good chemistry between the lead pair, comedy, and songs. The director started struggling with the interval scene as the reason for the lead pair getting separated is not convincing. Hanu struggled a lot in the second half. There are several routine scenes which bore us and also the climax is also hurried. The second half is so poor that it erases whatever good feeling we have about the first. All in all, Padi Padi Leche Manasu fails to live up to the expectations.

Movie Marks:

Padi Padi Leche Manasu: Boring Second Half Kills

Cast: Sharwanand, Sai Pallavi, Sunil, and Others
Story, Screenplay, and Direction: Hanu Raghavapudi
DOP: Jay Kay
Music: Vishal Chandrasekhar
Editor: A Sreekar Prasad
Producer: Sudhakar Cherukuri, Prasad Chukkapalli
Banner: Sri Lakshmi Venkateswara Cinemas
Release Date: 21st December 2018