Parichayam Movie Review

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Movie: Parichayam
Rating: 2.25/5
Writing and Direction: Lakshmikanth Chenna
Behind the Screens:
Director Lakshmikanth Chenna who previously made notable small films like Hyderabad Nawabs and Ninna Nedu Repu previously has come up with a responsible love story, Parichayam after a long gap. Let us see how the audience reacts to the film releasing today.
Anand (Virat) and Lakshmi (Simrat Kaur) are born on the same day same time in the same hospital. They like each other since the childhood but do not reveal their love to each other. While they gear up to express, their parents come in the way and Lakshmi attempts suicide. In the process, she forgets her past and will be abandoned by her parents. What happens next in Lakshmi’s Life and their love story forms the rest.
Star Shine:
Both the hero heroines put up an impressive show despite being newcomers. Virat, in particular, did very well in the emotional scenes. Simrat Kaur is beautiful and performed okay. Rest of the cast is mostly new faces and have performed okay.
Director Lakshmikanth Chenna chose an old story but struggled to execute in a way appealing to the current generation audience. Sekhar Chandra’s songs are impressive. All the melodies are pictured very well. The cinematographer has captured the locales of Araku very well. Dialogues have a tinge of poetry. Editing could have been a lot better. Production Values are okay.
The story has a similarity to Classic film, Vasantha Kokila in which heroine forgets her past and the hero working for her. The director failed to make the movie appealing to the contemporary audience. The first half is all about love while the second is more about emotions but both have not worked. With no comedy or freshness, the film tests the patience of the audience. The logic goes for a toss on quite a few occasions. Except for some good moments here and there, the movie is mostly disappointing.
Movie Marks:
Parichayam: Boring With Very Few Good Parts
Cast: Virat Konduru, Simrat Kaur, Rajiv Kanakala and Others
Producer: Riaz
DOP: Naresh Rana
Music: Sekhar Chandra
Editor: Prawin Pudi
Banner: Asin Movie Creations
Release Date: 21st July 2018

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