Pavitra movie review

Movie:     Pavitra

Rating-     2/5

Director: Janardhan Maharshi
Behind the screens

Sizzling beauty Shriya who romanced top Southern heroines during her hay days is coming back as Pavitra under the direction of Janardhana Maharshi of Devasthanam fame. Let us see what impact she made on viewers.

Story Line

Fatherless Pavithra (Shriya) to save her mother suffering from cancer, turns professional prostitute with the help of her uncle. However she loses her mother but Pavitra deciding none should die due to cancer, starts donating to a hospital. Pavitra gets in touch with many high class influential persons through her profession and Munna(Kaushik Babu), politician’s son fall in love with her.

Munna’s father Sudarshan(Sai Kumar) who is hoping for a revival of his political career, plan to use his son’s love affair for his politiccal gains and agrees for the marriage. Sudden turn of events plunge Pavitra into active politics.What happens next is the suspense part of Pavitra.

Star Shine

Shriya’s glamor show is not as high as expected but will be a treat to watch. She even showed her acting skills. Sivaji came with a decent performance while Sai Kumar shone as a politician. Ravi Babu entertained in his role.


If one hears the story, he gets  a feeling that the film will be a hit. However bad screenplay, direction spoiled the script. Janardhan Maharshi’s strenths are shown in some of the dialogues but he failed to impresses with the boring and dragging scenes. Lack of suspense and entertaining elements are the biggest drawbacks.


Production values are ok. Editing is below standard. Music of MM.Srilekha is average. cinematography is average.

Movie Marks

Pavitra tests the patience of people.


Directed by Janardhan Maharshi
Produced by K. Sadhak Kumar,G. Maheshwara Reddy
Written by Janardhan Maharshi
Starring Shriya Saran,Roja Selvamani,Tanikella Bharani,Saikumar,Kaushik Babu
Music by M.M.Srilekha
Cinematography V. N. Suresh Kumar
Editing by Ramesh
Distributed by Aadesh Films
Release date(s) June 7, 2013