Is Pawan a gutsy man?

Will anyone sacrifice crores of rupees and huge stardom for the sake of serving people? No, never and that too in these days. But it looks like Power star Pawan Kalyan is an exception. Pawan Kalyan is turning as a full-time politician when he was in a great pace of his career. Irrespective of the film result he is one of the star actors who can pull a huge number of crowds. The opening day records are the proofs for his stardom.

But now he is leaving his stardom and sacrificing crores of rupees in the sake of serving people. Although some are making allegations that he is coming into politics for making money. But when we had a deep look all brands will stand in a queue if he agrees to do advertisements for their brands. In favor of that, he will get hundreds of crores as remuneration. But he never did that. Will anyone sacrifice crores of rupees and huge stardom if they are in Pawan’s place? When the same question was asked Mega hero Varun Tej said that he wouldn’t have made such a sacrifice if he had been in Pawan’s place. He also added that Pawan Kalyan is a gutsy man. He is giving up crores of rupees and superstardom to get into politics and serve the people.

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