Pawan Kalyan shocking tweets !

Power Star Pawan Kalyan as Janasena chief who till now remained silent on important political controversies suddenly appeared on twitter and came with these shocking tweets. 

IF POLITICS IS ALL ABOUT SETTLING SCORES,then I wonder, if, the Late Nelson Mandela would have had the same attitude like some of our leaders  then imagine what  he could have done  to the South African Apartheid Regime  and the white people  who tortured & humiliated him & the black people for decades.,

But as a Leader he has chosen a Path of Reconciliation to avoid a civil war and for the larger Good of the people.

That’s the greatness of his Noble leadership and I hope our leaders walk on the Path that he has shown. ‘తెగే దాక ఏది లాగద్ధు అంటారు ‘


Still.. if the leaders take it to that extent then the very people who put them in Power will suffer. And one has to be aware of it.
Pawan Kalyan shocking tweets !
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